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NJ/EPA TRA uses this page to promote job openings in the Therapeutic Recreation field. Job listings are posted and promoted to help fill the opening with the most qualified professional in order to best serve and protect consumers. As a professional association we encourage recruiters and agencies to develop job descriptions for Recreational Therapists that require the CTRS credential through NCTRC.
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Last Updated: November 2, 2019

November 2, 2019


Recreation Director
Director Of Recreation

Lincoln Park Health Care Campus
Lincoln Park, NJ 07035

Skilled Nursing Healthcare Facility is seeking an Experienced Director of Recreation .
Bachelor degree from an accredited college or university with a major area of concentration in Recreation, Creative Arts Therapy, Therapeutic Recreation, Psychology, Occupational Therapy.
Certification as CTRS
Establishes, coordinates and directs a comprehensive Therapeutic Recreation Program. Develops a program which relates to the physical, psychological, social, intellectual, cultural and spiritual needs of each resident. Establishes, coordinates, supervises, and monitors all assessments, review, plans and progress notes pertaining to activity programs.
Job Duties :
Duties are as follows but not limited to :
1. Supervises all clinical documentation to monitor that assessments are timely and appropriately completed.
2. Reviews Plan of Care as needed to assure Quality and Implementation.
3. Reviews Quarterly progress notes as needed.
4. Designs, implement and supervises a comprehensive Therapeutic Program of activities for the Residents, accommodating their needs, abilities and interest.
5. Develops and maintains written objectives, standards of practice, policies
and procedures and an organizational plan for the Therapeutic Recreation department and the Therapeutic Recreation personnel.
6. Coordinates and integrates the Recreation services with the other services of Lincoln Park and with other patient care services in the community.
7. Assures the annual budget for the Recreation Department; including recommending to the Administrator the number and levels of Recreation personnel to be employees, and the equipment and supplies to be purchased.
8. Prepares and posts a written monthly activities schedule for each neighborhood.
9. Provides Resident activities guidance and consultation to other Resident care personnel.
10. Maintains an on-going community resources file containing:
a) volunteer sources;
b) community organization;
c) entertainment and film sources;
d) educational facilities dealing with disciplines in gerontology and therapeutic recreation.

How to apply:
email resume to Kerrin Blair ,


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