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Recreational Therapy State Licensure

Read more about RT Licensure in this informative presentation.


Browse through information about state licensure on ATRA's website.


State licensure protects consumers by ensuring only qualified professionals provide recreational therapy services.


Pennsylvania State Licensure Update:

We need everyone (including your friends, family, students, colleagues, clients) to send Rep. Harhart, Chair of the House Professional Licensure Committee, the attached letter and the two supporting documents. This needs to be done THIS WEEKEND (this upcoming week at the latest). She is being pressured to run our bill this weekend. If we don’t all put the added pressure on her our bill will DIE.
1. Send THIS LETTER to Rep. Julie Harhart at jharhart@pahousegop.com. Just cut and copy the letter into the email.
3. Click send.
This will take less than 5 minutes to do this. Don't assume your involvement doesn't matter. IT MATTERS! We need everyone on board!
Please send Heather Porter an email after you have completed this at hporter@temple.edu.


New Jersey State Licensure Update:


  • The Licensure Committee has formed and is working hard on making forward movement.
  • Members are contacting and/or meeting with professionals in other states who have achieved licensure to discuss and understand the process of bringing a bill to legislation.
  • Our committee is also reaching out to professionals in different organizations in NJ for support.


Volunteers needed for the following work groups:


1. Education: Educating other professionals and political representatives on what exactly TR is, our scope of practice, what licensure means for our discipline, inform other
disciplines (PT, OT, ST, Music/Art, Drama, Activity
Professionals) that we are not a threat! Also, create sample letters that can be used in news blasts to be sent to multiple representatives.

-Bill Preparation: Look at licensure bills in other states (Utah, NH, NY, OK, NC, PA) and other disciplines (NJ OT/PT, Music, Art, Drama) and create a framework for our bill.


2. Marketing: Compile & distribute material for why we need a licensure bill (FAQ’s, advocacy “TR Fact Sheet”), including “purpose of licensure” points. This can be used to educate customers, consumers, administrators, and other professionals.


3. Networking: Contact other associations & disciplines for support and connect with key individuals that can help support our efforts (professional organizations and political figures).


4. Research: Look up statistics for injuries that occurred from a professional claiming to be a CTRS in an unlicensed area, and compile any other information necessary to support our bill.




Submit the form below to join this committee:






Are you aware of any actual or potential harm or injury caused to an individual (in New Jersey) as a result of an unqualified/certified professional providing recreational therapy? If so, please submit this information below


This information will help demonstrate the need for a licensure bill in NJ.