The Licensure Committee has formed and is working hard on making forward movement.

Volunteers are needed for the following work groups:


Educating other professionals and legislators about recreational therapy, our scope of practice, what licensure means for our discipline, and collaborate to inform other disciplines (PT, OT, ST, Music/Art, Drama, Activity Professionals).


Compile & distribute material for why we need a licensure bill (FAQ’s, advocacy “TR Fact Sheet”), including “purpose of licensure” points. This can be used to educate customers, consumers, administrators, and other professionals.


Contact other associations & disciplines for support and connect with key individuals that can help support our efforts (professional organizations and political figures).


Look up statistics for injuries that occurred from a professional working as a Recreational Therapist in an unlicensed state, and compile any other information necessary to support our bill.


Email NJ State Licensure Committee for information about NJ State Licensure

Join the Public Policy Committee

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